Mayor, Committee Chair, Advocate, Mother, Businesswoman, Consultant and Author, amongst other delightful discoveries- this reads like an à la carte menu of achievement. However, amongst the glaring lights of success, it is the sunny, fresh-faced honesty and integrity that has you standing in the shine that is Stephanie Asher.

Many describe you as being very positively driven with an abundant flair for leadership- did you have someone in your life as a child who inspired you or a role model you believe influenced these aspects?

My parents were career-focused and managed to balance their work ethic by providing my sister and I with a happy and healthy childhood, which I consider the ultimate privilege.

My dad has always been incredibly focused on values and the importance of a society founded on sound moral values. At the…

The number 36 is a pretty special kind of number, this graphic on a garage door is a painted number thirty six in white
The number 36 is a pretty special kind of number, this graphic on a garage door is a painted number thirty six in white

Here’s a morsel of numerical quirk to chew on and bust apart the mundane. We like the unusual at Ponderings, so we drew a number out of a hat and we got 36.

So why is this number special?

In 1936 Jesse Owens smashed Hitler’s Aryan race in the Olympics. Jesse was an American track and field athlete. At the Berlin Games, he won 4 gold medals. Hosted in Berlin, Germany chancellor Hitler opened the games, and much of the world would be fooled with propaganda.

Many international guests were unaware that the regime had temporarily hidden anti-Jewish signs and the roundup of Roma in Berlin. 800 Roma residing in Berlin were arrested and placed under guard in a special camp in the suburb of Marzahn. Jewish sportspeople were unable to compete. Boycotts rumbled but never took off. …

In the marketing world, the word integrity gets thrown around more than blood spray in a Tarantino film.

Entertaining? Maybe. But it is more times than not, a fictional and messy show of cinema.

So what is it really, and how do we find it?

Big business has trust issues! According to the 2018 Edelman TRUST BAROMETER, the world is in a position of seemingly stagnant distrust. Running for seven years in 25+ markets, Australia ran in the bottom percentile of distrust from between citizens and institutions. The main players? Media, influencers, and marketers.

It is now more critical than ever to market your business in a way that radiates integrity.

Do not be bombarded with ploys fuelled…

Image credit: Twenty20

Sick of the fluffy lectures by snake oil experts slinging their finest know-how wares at the market of discontent? Welcome to the five steps to ultimate business failure.

  1. Keep looking to the left and right- focus all of your undivided attention on what Debbie and Jane are doing, what they have, and how quickly they did it. Please make a note of the millions they made and continue to examine yourself in the mirror and demand to know why you can’t have that too.

If this doesn’t yield results for you, it might be time to direct your focus on your end game and the steps needed to get there. Build on your strengths, work on on your weaknesses and for goodness sake- BREATHE. …

Kirsten Macdonald

Author, business woman, editor at Ponderings Magazine and digital educator, seasoned with a dark sense of humour — a ponderer spilling ink with gusto.

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